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Tilta Float SDI mod - thoughts??

Ewan Donnachie

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Heya everyone, I imagine you have mixed feelings about a system like the Tilta Float, but it’s the best tool for the specialty requirement I have and, as such, I’m trying to optimize it as best as I can. Keen to hear anyone’s thoughts on this question -


I want to run an internal SDI cable through the post of my Tilta Float, just as power is already carried internally. My thinking was to drill holes just below the Lemo connectors on both ends of the post, then mount Male SDI connectors to the wall of the tubing, so Male connectors protrude out below the Lemo connectors. This would require drilling through the carbon fibre and aluminium caps that sit at each end of the post, and running (probably) a straight SDI cable through the centre, with enough excess to let the post telescope to its full extension length.

Has anyone thought about doing this/tried it, or know of anyone who has? Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this would be possible or suggestions?


Thanks kindly, Ewan

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Ewan, I would highly discourge you from drilling the holes to mount the connectors - the post of the Float is already pretty weak, and that woudn't help. What I would suggest is (If you really have to do it):

Option 1 - drill the smallest holes possible, the further from the post ends the better, and feed only the cable (SDIs can be really thin) through. That way you will weaken the structure only a bit (still I think it would be good to run some calculations on that) and you can mount the entire BNC connector (something like Neutrik reartwist jack) externally on the post

Option 2 - remove the inner post cable and connectors and make a new one with 4-pin lemo at each end, carrying both power and image signal.

If you decide to do any of above, remember that it's a product that is not really made to be serviced, so there's a lot of glue, small screws and brittle parts involved in disassembling the top and the bottom of the post. There are posts from people that did it on FB group called Tilta DJI Ecosystem Users.

Option 3 - consider using the float as it is intended - as a support system for the gimbal, not as a steadicam. Having a monitor on the grip is a better solution for that.

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