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honest opinion about MKV

Nikita John Creagh

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Hi everyone, i decided to create this topic because i wanted to ask the opinion about MKV company.

Lately i've heard different opinion about them and i clearly don't have enough resources to ask every mkv owner about their experience.

So i thought the easiest way would create a topic here. If anyone had opinion about mkv please feel free to share it here 

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Hi Nikita,

Ive owned an MKV Nexus for around 12 years now. Over that time I’ve replaced the electronics a couple of times and various other components. 
At times over that 12 years the service has varied but in recent times I’ve found Karen Purcell to provide great communication and service. Recently I had an issue with one of the collars I’d ordered from them and she got straight back to me with a resolution that went above and beyond. 
I know in the past people have found MKV to be lacking but my recent experience with them has been spot on (I’ve had the V4 electronics for around 6 years now and they’ve never missed a beat). 
Hope this helps,


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