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Modified Steadicam Scout

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As some of you have seen over in the specific topics I was doing all kinds of crazy stuff to a Pilot rig. All to no avail. Haha!! 

Well I bit the bullet and cashed in some vacation time and bought a Scout. Scout sled, Flyer arm and Scout vest. Not really

too sure which Flyer arm it is. As you can see in the pic I have done some mods. Added 2 more power lines and another 

HD-SDI line. I put some feelers out there for the Zephyr top stage housing skirts but Tiffen US and UK doesn't have any

and Mr. Luna said the same. Still would like to get those pieces if anyone on here could help. I didn't really want to put

all of that outside the stage but thanks to Steadicam there just so happen to be 2 tapped 5/32" holes on the bottom of

the stage. No I idea what they are for but they worked perfect. Had to cut and file some channels for the mounts but no

biggie... I also switched out the 3 pin Lemo for 2 pin because I have all 2 pin OB connectors. Used the IDX battery plate on

changed it to a 1B 2 pin. Everything works as it should. I'll explain the bottom soon enough. And this can all go back to it's

original state if needed. Notice I had to add a lot of weight to the top. Extra Glidecam weight plates sandwiched between

a SmallRig Arri dovetail and the Steadi plate. Flies like a dream...(after balancing the gimbal yoke, PITA!!!! Haha!!) Feel free

to ask any questions. Peace!!!


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