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 does anyone know if there is a better female plate lock for the BUD-1 system from Arri? 

 I’ve been facing some trepidation in heavy setups when running fast with Arri’s original plate lock.

I’ve tried changing plates, changing the “female dovetail lock”  but it’s possible to see that has to do with the sliding plate on the arri lock structure.


This happens even more when in low mode having the camera upside down…

Thanks in advance for any possible solutions.


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Hi Ariel, 

I am not 100% sure I understand your question, but the best plate around is certainly APEX’s. Lightweight and super solid.


Always been super solid, no vibrations and no issues. Since I got that plate, I like the BUD-1 System, very low profile and easy to use. It gets the camera so close to the top stage!

I would like the locking area to be larger, and the safety release to be on the same side as the lever, but it’s still really good, didn’t get any slippage. Gunk sometimes builds up in the safety release but easy to clean.

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Thanks Benoit, 

 I do have the Apex plate, and I’ve also used a heavier and more solid plate, and that actually helped reducing the trepidation.

But the problem is in the lock/female/ Bud - 1 from Arri (I've already tried 3 of them)  . The small lock as you mentioned or something about it’s structure seems to be the problem... I’ve recorded this small video where is possible to see where the problem is…

no problems in light lenses, but on the really heavy ones when running the plate doesn’t handle the vibration…



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I see, I haven’t experienced that issue personally. I will try it next time I’m at the studio. I would’ve thought the play would have been on the other side, on the “lock” side, as the side you show on the video should have mostly complete contact. I suppose one could try to fit a small wedge at the back between the plate and the BUD-1, to essentially lift the BUD-1 dovetail against the sliding plate. Maybe even supporting the battery.
I tried some pretty heavy lenses, couple of zooms with the A35 and didn’t find any issues running around. We did brace everything pretty tight, the lens, and plates and all.
I’m sorry I can’t help!

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