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Event 16

Stephen Press

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I know it is nothing new to a lot of you guys but I finally got to walk down the redish carpet (wrong side of the camera) for Event 16 a no budget Digital feature film I was DOP on back in 2001. It?s amazing to think that it?s finally finished.

Event 16 Imdb


Event 16 Homepage


Well the Premier was a sell out, they had to turn people away. Waiting to hear some reviews and what happens next for our little movie.


Two guys next to me:

?So do you know anything about this movie??

?Nah, just it was shot in DV.?

?And they are projecting it from the booth??


?It?s gona look like s**t.?


Movie starts


?I thought you said it was DV??

?It was.?

?Well? F**k!?


Made my night.


Anyway here is an Event 16 Behind the scenes tease in split screen... I thought it was cool.


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Well Stephen.. it took some years :blink: but it looks very nice. Nice behind the scenes shots, and ofcourse the TV item is a nice way to let us all meet this crazy director !..


So has he started yet the following up picture ?


Best, Erik

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Erik, sorry it took so long to get back to this but I?ve had a weird few months.

Derek?s next project is looking very good at this early stage and will be a lot better handled. Derek learnt a lot over the year he spent directing his first movie, he?s not really that crazy and I?d be happy to work with him again :D

Starting to get some good reviews.



The Weekend Sun







Dir: Derek Pearson

Starring: Peter Rutherford, Jocelyn Christian, Ezra Keddell


It?s been a long time since a New Zealand film has surprised and delighted me the way Event 16 did. It is perhaps the most promising low-budget debut feature I?ve seen in this country since Peter Jackson?s labour of love, Bad Taste.

Event 16 is Wellington?s first independent, digital effects-heavy sci-fi feature film and it is as ingenious as it is engrossing. Of course it helps to have a liking for low-budget sci-fi, as there are certainly many things about this film that reveal its indie origins, but while the acting may be less than perfect and the dialogue is sometimes slightly clunky, the sheer inventiveness carries you along and the good-natured feel of the whole project - which refuses to take itself too seriously ? is captivating.

It is also part of a genre that has become somewhat crowded recently, time travel sci-fi, but while the similarly low-budget American flick Primer eventually got lost in a maze of its own contradictions, Event 16 keeps a firm grip on its ever-more complex machinations.

Plotwise, Matt is a young inventor who accidentally engineers a portal to the past. When he walks through the wall into colonial Wellington, he unwittingly also allows a Victorian-era serial killer with a price on his head (and a very dubious government agent following him) to access the present. There are also agents from the future trying to make sure events in the present happen as they should. Or do they have a darker agenda? Meanwhile Matt?s somewhat disillusioned girlfriend might have a fatal rendezvous with the killer. Is this the titular 16th Event?

This is Wellington as you have never seen it ? 1893 and 2038 look extraordinary here, and so does 2006. City landmarks are reproduced and reconfigured flat, sterile and slightly menacing: it?s a world at once instantly recognisable and surreal.

Event 16 is a real find. One can only imagine what Derek Pearson, who wrote, produced, directed and edited the film could do with a decent budget. Watch this man... (and his DOP :D )

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