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TJ Williams

Light and Bright LCD

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Hi I just became a dealer for the new Hummingbird LCD Monitor.

I'm working on my site and haven't got the full info up yet. This is the real deal in big bright and light weight.


I've got a picture.

LIght Weight (compared to Std Monitors) pretty heavy for an LCD

Very bright in my picture which I just took the monitor is set at 60percent brightness

the sun clearly reflects into the middle on a cloudless day at 1:00 PM camera is way

off angle to the front of the screen and the image is at least as clear as on my pro.

the case is pretty rugged and there are controls for underscan, reverse scan, monitor setup has extensive controls etc. No overlays yet. Hummingbird will be offering a more expensive version with them built in or there are several aftermarket suppliers.


E mail me and I'll send a picture as I can't figure out how to post one here.


All the Best


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