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Ben Semanoff

Sony 950 (4:4:4)

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I am looking for any tips people might have for flying the Sony 950 (4:4:4) on a Steadicam. I own an Ultra Cine w/ HD Wiring, but no HD Monitor (yet). So if anyone has specific expereince flying this camera on this rig... that would be even more helpful.


Some of my initial questions are:


1) Onboard Recording Options (as opposed to cabling to a deck). I hear there is a lightweight/compact deck that can be flown on the rig... but this might just have been bad info. Has anyone used any CF/Ram Arrays... like the Venom?


2) Power options for Camera and/or Recording Device (deck, ram array, etc)


3) cabling to the deck/ram array


4) monitoring... is there an easy way to monitor an SD signal off the camera/deck or do you need a downconverter?


5) weight?


Any other tips/insights would be much appreciated.





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