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David Allen Grove

8" or 9" portable tv/tuner

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I'm in the market for a portable TV tuner LCD. 8 or 9 inch preferably. (new not used)

B&H has some that look promising but I would like to hear some reviews from folks

that have this size of receiver


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For the life of me I can't remember the name brand, but Coffey Sound has an LCD TV tuner that's around the size you're looking for. I *think* it begins with an 'L'...actually, this might be it but call and ask them:




I saw it on a set and the sound guy had one and he was getting great reception off my sled whereas everyone else was getting mediocre reception. I oughta get one...


Let us know what you end up getting and how it performs!



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Hey David.

I met you during Peter's class at Birns and Sawyer a year ago. I'm with Robert and Eric on the Camos and I think David Hable is a true gentleman. I'm very happy with my TX/Camos set-up from Cramped Attic.

David Baldwin

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My monitor is not the Camos, but a similar size/spec monitor. I recently got sick of the velcroed Anton Bauer plate and subsequent cable mess/dressing ritual that would happen each time I got the monitor out.


I picked up a used AB plate off of eBay ($10-20), and fixed it right to the back of the monitor - routing the wiring inside the monitor. It is so much neater than my previous setup.


It wasn't a difficult modification. I simply opened up the housing of the monitor and found the wires that carried the power. I then drilled the appropriate holes on the back of the housing: four for the mounting screws and one to route the AB plate wires into the monitor. The AB wires were soldered to the monitor's power wires, heat shrink was applied, and the monitor was sealed back up. Good to go!


I imagine this process may vary depending on your monitor, how its constructed, its power requirements/limitations, internal wiring, etc. This will most definitely void a warranty on any monitor you own. My specific monitor was only a couple hundred dollars so it wouldn't be the end of the world if I had ruined it somehow. Use common sense.


post-1274-1163268445_thumb.jpg post-1274-1163268457_thumb.jpg post-1274-1163268467_thumb.jpg


Best to all,

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I had a 5 inch Casio/RCA/Cinevision (Same unit just different name brand as it got sold of) for the last couple of years. I bought them at Radio Shack for around $200.- usually under, a piece. A friend of mine converted it for me with the Anton Bauer plate (you can use any AB battery I usually run ProFormers)... after we burned out the matrix on one, he added a voltage converter to get regulated 12 Volt to the unit, even with a hot brick of the charger... that's what fried my first one (warranty replacement at Radio Shack). It virtually looks like Afton's unit form afar.


Since then he made a couple of double units for TV shows... so that the director can see A and B camera simultaneous while he runs in circles or is lying beside the action in a Hospital bed like seen on "Medical Investigations"... (He was lying on the bed with crossed legs and holding the 2 monitor unit at arms length above him while they where rolling just a couple of feet to his right... I hope someone made a picture...)


The finished (single) unit was under $300.- a piece which makes it almost disposable... especially when you take in account giving your baby to an overly exited Director... I'm on my fourth with number 5 in the case just in case!


I was thinking of getting like a super deluxe Transvideo handheld Director friend going, until I saw my first unit hitting the ground and imagining that could have been my $6500.- set up...


The Director can live with the picture as long has he can follow the action and the performance...

Every single one loved the option... sometimes so much that we carry a transmitter on all set ups including Handheld, Dolly and Sticks, so he can be closer to the action or just mobile without ever loosing the image.



Good Luck,




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