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erwin's ring light pics


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Erwin or anyone else in the "know,"


I saw a picture at the steadicenter.com site of a ring-light mounted on a 435. Do you remember what kind it is and where you rented it from? Or is it yours? Thanks in advance.


I went to the same machinist here in Taiwan who made my practice cage, and he wants about 800 bucks to build an aluminum ring-light. Seems pretty f-ed up to me.


Jake Pollock

Taipei, Taiwan

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Last year I posted some pictures of my ringlight that I made, so have a search on the 2003 forum.


It all depends on the light output that you want. I just did a shot with a kinoflo ringlight (small, about 10 inch dia.) and was not impressed with the output. With a stop of around 5.6 and on 320T I had to put the model as close as 80-100 cms to have a bit of effect.

The connector part on he lamp annoyed me because it makes a dark segment in the circle that is reflected in the eyes.


The one I made for around 50$ and a lot of work had 8 150 watt halogen lamps so a total output of 1200 watts and that starts to make a difference. Specially with Steadicam, you have a bit more room to manouver, but it is huge and sometimes awkward to handle and to balance.


It weighted around 3 kgs and was of course wired to a dimmer so a gaffer could adjust the output a bit while moving.



Considering the work that you have to put into making a good, lightweight system, you can expect a bill like that if you have it made in a workshop. So do it yourself if you want it cheap. Nobody is paying you anyway in your spare/free time so that´s the first saving!



Rob van Gelder, Bangkok, Thailand

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If you want one properly engineered, reliable, lightweight and with

good output then it isn't going to come cheap.


We have one that takes all comers on and weighs just over a 1lb 8oz,

or 700g in new money. More punchy than the Kino ringlight and

battery powered. 12v - 24v.


Dimmable and fits onto the lens or on Arri 19mm bars or Panavision PV

side bars.


Oh and it's tungsten or daylight balanced.


for more details.








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