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Advanced Steadicam techniques video?

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Hi Mike,


I bought this tape from BH Photo (90 bucks, ouch!) It's a 50 min tape hosted by Jerry Holway, focusing mainly on live television work (working with the cable, setting up the triax, tally light tips, removable and fixed floor marks, studio survey, shot design, working as a one man band, low-mode stuff, etc), all done with a Steadicam Master. It also give balancing, electronics set up and safety tips.


I don't know what this tape means for an experienced operator, but for an "advanced newbie" like me, it was very interesting. Mine is gonna be on Ebay soon. I'll let you know if you're interested.


What this tape also teach you is that you WANT Jerry Holway to be your instructor for your next workshop.


Eric Corriveau

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i so enjoyed being taught by jerry and garrett. i did not know there was a video out there for commercial sale dealing with Steadicam techniques. i would be very interested in this video. let me know when you put it up on fleabay...

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