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Happy New Years from out on the street

Stephen Press

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It?s New years eve. One of the few times I don?t mind that the camera acts like a dickhead magnet attracting every dickhead around. I?m on the usual round of shooting the bars and streets as the partygoers see out 2006. It?s bitterly cold and the outdoor concert I was going to get the countdown at has been cancelled because of the high winds.

So I?m looking for an angle. I have a few things in mind as I shoot but ?Bad weather affects New Year celebrations? is high on the list.

I get some bouncers saying attendance is down from last year and a helpful DJ runs a terrific countdown to 07.

Back on the street I get the drunks pouring happily out of the bars.

I notice the long rows of lit Taxis and think cool shot.

The road is busy, boy racers cruising quickly, traffic is moving way too fast and I?m not wearing a vest. I stand in a pool of light provided by a Taxi?s headlights and get a nice shot, love the cross filter on the XD.

As I button off and look away from the viewfinder a drunken figger trips off the sidewalk and lurches between me and the taxi onto the road. Acting on pure reflex I grab his T-shirt with my left hand and pull. He swings like a pendulum back toward me and a fast moving car collects his leg with a thump snatching the shoe from his foot and keeping it.

?Are you OK?? I ask.

He stares dimly at me, the heavily branded ONE News camera on my shoulder, moves unsteady on his shoeless foot and says ?I watch 3 News so F*** off.?

And away he limps back onto the sidewalk.


2007 starts and I probably saved a guys life. That feels very damn good? even if he was a dickhead.


Hope you all stay safe and have a happy New Year

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Good story, and good job taking care of that guy Stephen.


This subject hits pretty close to home right now, as my uncle lies in intensive care after being struck by a motorbike while crossing the street:




He's getting better though.


Happy New Year to all!

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Ah, so you were one of the camera operators who shot the footage my sister was watching! Very cool indeed!


Happy New Year Everybody! :D May it be a prosperous and fruitful year for all of you!



Oh, and Charles, I hope your uncle has a fast and full recovery.

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Happy New Year guys !!






Ah, I was wondering if that was you, Andrew, that got smacked by one of the dancers . Good recovery. I would have smacked her back. Ha ha


See you later,


Yeah you should have seen the expression on her face ! It was a fun night again. Hope you are well mate ! Andrew

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Some heavy bruising on my foot and the soul was ripped from one of my trainers. For about 2 years after I would flinch uncontrollably at any loud car noise on my blind camera side no matter how far from the road I was.

I think that may also be part of why I enjoy flying a rig so much. The camera is away from my body and I can do an unimpaired visual check before I start and keep a peripheral eye out for danger? I feel safer.

Was that rig homemade?

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the soul was ripped from one of my trainers


Thankfully my British upbringing and/or common sense provides me with the information that trainers=sneakers, but that with the typo conjures up an image of a zombie-like musclebound chap following you around in the gym...


Yes, that was a homebuilt rig, one of that first wave after the legendary Jack Imes published plans for same in a long defunct film fanzine. On that particular shoot I took a header while running through the tall weeds and never rebuilt it (the same could not be said for those weedy surrounds of the west side of midtown Manhattan, which turned into super-luxury condos not long thereafter). The next bit on the rig that was due to be replaced were those terrible hinges--talk about forcing a questionable posture!


Afton--that's a sort of stunning juxtaposition. Full circle indeed.

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