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clipper 2

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Hi All,

I want to use the clipper 2 model with 24 Volt. Is this possible? If it is possible what will we do? Can we use power cube batteries? If we can use 24 volt with the clipper 2 model, how do we support electronic parts? When we use the clipper 2 model with 24 Volt is there any balance problem? What are the main diffrences between clipper2 and clipper 24?


Manythanks for your intersts,


Steadi Akin

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I have a clipper 2 and have done my own modifications to 24volts. In fact my rig is at my machinist right now getting some custom plates made to finally finish the 24volt mod.


In my opinion if you have a clipper 2 and want 24volts I would call Tiffen and have them send you there 24volt upgrade/modification kit for doing just this. Not sure if they have a part # for it yet but be patient and you'll get one. It deals with all the issues of sending 24 and 12 volts up the post. Of course it would mean switching over to the IDX battery system but right now it appears they have made some awesome batteries for what we do. A bit expensive but from what I hear they are worth the money.


So to answer your question, the difference between the Clipper 2 and the Clipper 24 is all in the battery mount and obviously 12 to 24 volts.


Do some searching you'll find some info on 12 to 24 volt modifications / questions.



Chris Konash

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