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The V2 gimbal..working experience

flemming laybourn

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Hello Fellow operators..!


Finally I had the chance to test my new V2 Gimbal on one of the more demanding

of jobs.

As some might recall I got Howards new Model a while ago, and experienced some

problems when doing 180´ pan. Howards has promised me a new one asap. But

I still couldn´t help bring it on a job yesterday...


The job was a trailer for a new tv-documentary about children, so the idea was to shooting mainly in lowmode.... as for some of you..lowmode is not my favorite...But

this turned out to be absolutely np, and the lenght of the gimbal handle really helped

to get the rig those few extra inches away from my left knee.....nice...

Since I have a MK-V super post I could just slide the camera down, and operate with

the gimbal in "normal" mode without any L,F,Y whatever-bracket.

After this we did som 100mm shots "tracking" around objects and people.

And except fighting my "late" master arm (grrrr..!) the gimbal worked like a charm.

Only thing for me to get used to was the absolute lack of friction, a whole new

experience, and acually a bit of a challenge at first.

All in all Im happy, having only little experience with the pro

I can only compare with the master, and as I have stated earlier, I really think this

is a big inprovement compared to the master gimbal, and also to Howards "standard" gimbal.



All the best


Flemming Laybourn


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Thanks Flemming for your review B)


I had the same same issue with the lack of friction when I went from a 3A gimble to the XCS gimble. It will take some time but you will get used to it, and its a wonderful feeling...no friction that is ;)


Take Care,


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