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Hi Ibon,


That could be a tough one.


I heard that people traveled to the states and hand picked up there gear and just walked through the customs at there native country and had no problems. I'm not sure if that is still the case. Walking just through customs with $100'000.- worth of technical gear that was not manufactured in Spain??? Playing with fire?


Usually gifts have no import duty on them. And they don't check if it's send from a private address to a private address. One possibility.


You should inform yourself if your country requires a carne when you travel up-road. So that they can verify that it was in-fact already in the country before. Also later if you have to travel, How can you prove that the rig was in your country for the time it was there if you have no paperwork proving it ever got into the country in the first place? (Sorry tong-twister...)


Check with operators in europe that have bought equipment in the states and/or bought over the net. See how they did it. You could piece mail it in several packages. Lie on the value. Not insure it... all very risky if it goes missing. Uninsured packages with value under $200.- they don't even bother... What's the fine if they catch you? Could they just impound the equipment... You would be shit out of luck!


Finally you have to determine if all that hassle is worth the couple of grand that you would save...


Good Luck,



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