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Colin has a Party!

Erwin Landau

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Colin has a Party!


Colin Hudson has a House warming/Getogether/Steadi Party.

Everybody that knows Colin is here with invited to come. (Even if you are not an operator...)



Saturday, January 10th

starting 9.00 PM



Colin's New House


2530 Greenfield Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90064


Thomas Guide: 632-C6

By the 405 and I-10 interchange

South of Pico

East of Sepulveda



Drinks,Girls and Food (I believe that was his order... or was it Girls and Drinks?)


Do Not Bring:

Your Steadicam!!!!



On the street... See Colin for parking permits, (so that they don't tow your car).


Colin has not yet hooked up his Computer so I'm writing on his behalf.


Hope to see you there...

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You know what, I missed this!

I was splattered in paint most likely anyway (painting the new home) but could of taken an acetone bath and showed up.


How was it and who ended up making it?


At the wrap party of the feature I finished just before Christmas, one of the female PA's and the 2nd 2nd AD (also a female) apparently went topless, and the PA gave the 2nd 2nd a lap dance. Damn, I always miss the good ones!

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