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So I get this call from a producer, he wants Steadicam and I ask him to describe the shot. " Oh, you have to follow two people up the stairs" - favorite no.1


Then I ask, what kind of camera? He says: " Bl3 evolution or Arri 3". I ask for the Arri 3 of course and he agrees. But some hours later he calls me and it is the BL3 now, there is a lot of dialog on the stairs.... - favorite no.2


Shooting: I am asked to be there at 10 in the morning, but I can only start at 3 in the afternoon. Oh well, it´s their schedule!

Then suddenly everybody is rushing outside and "Steadicam!" is called. I could not touch that BL all morning and afternoon because they were shooting with it. Now they ask me if I can be ready NOW! - favorite no.3


The stairs are in front of a big cathedral like university building, with a big golden sign on the front " ASSUMPTION UNIVERSITY", while this building is supposed to be a bank in the story. I am kindly asked to frame that huge sign out of the picture, though my actors are walking in front of it. - favorite no.4


Director asks me to follow the 2 actors up the stairs in a diagonal move and overtake them during their - still climbing- conversation and precede them, thus forcing me in Don Juan halfway the stairs. - Favorite no. 5


It all works, in 3 takes, but the only flaw every time again are those f#$%&ing EXTRA´s that don´t do what they were told to do, sometimes even stare in the lens. - Favorite no.6


Oh, I didn´t mention the temperature of that day: 37 degrees Celsius in the shade, I looked like I just came out of the swimmingpool. But that´s my own decision, to work in this incredible hot country. And I like it, really!


So that´s the most important Favorite!! :lol:


At the end, everybody was very satisfied and that is all what counts!



Rob van Gelder, Bangkok, Thailand

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