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"Hot Set" a new definition

Jens Piotrowski SOC

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I should dig up photo's from when I did "Firestarter:Rekinkled". One day they actually slathered me up in Firegel "Just in case"


You should! That would be cool (warm?)! I know I'd love to see those shots and I'm sure others among us would ,too!

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This was more of a test of my new little HD camcorder than anything else, but if you like explosions and stuff like that, you might enjoy.


Chas, What camera did you get??? looks pretty good.


And what file size/compression did you use? Thats a nice size image and it downloaded really quickly for me. id love to do something simialr with my site.

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Dan Coplan have reason.... What´s a hot set?...

I´d like to send pictures about, when I worked for Play Boy...But it was impossible to do pictures(security....ejem.).... Any way, try to imagine it, and you´ll be shotting in a hot set....

Best dreams boys

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