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Pro Monitor Problem

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Hi all,

Anyone ever had a vertical line (no image) on a Pro Monitor. I haven't ever before.

There is obviously power but something not going quite right.

Any thoughts/solutions much appreciated.

All the best


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If it is a bright vertical line, than the circuit that does the horizontal scanning is kaputt. The image is still there, but condensed into 1 vertical line the size of the electron beam.


Don´t leave it on as the high intensity can damage the phosphor at that place forever.


It could be something simple, like a wire from the horizontal deflection coil is loose or broken. If everything seems to be in place, try wiggle some connectors, always with the power off and let it stay for a while so that the high tension will fade away.


If you´re not comfy handling this kind of electronics, I guess it is back to a maintenance department/Tiffen


Rob van Gelder

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