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Hi all


This is sort of custom Steadicam was my first real sled after the dreaded Basson. It came pre-loved from MK-V in London two years ago. I have flown everything from a Panasonic DVX-100 (with weight plate) to a Sony Digibeta and my Panasonic DVCPro50.


I added the Teletest OZL7000 16:9/4:3 PAL/NTSC monitor.


The sled uses 14V Cinema Products Steadicam 3A battachment=1821:steadfull.jpg]atteries. There are 5 complete batteries and one shell with all bits ready to re-pack. Three of the batts were re-packed late last year and will run the sled and any broadcast camera easily for longer than I've needed. The other two don't hold a charge for long and need to be re-packed. The charger is Frezzolini Dual Micromaster.


The J-bracket came from Whitehouse AV. A Pelican 1650 case is included which is foamed for the sled, 4 batts, charger, bits and pieces and a Rig Steadicam arm (not included in sale).


It has served me well for two years but time to move onward and upward. This sled would be good for a newbie who can then add a variety of arms and vests of their choice for a relatively low cost starter kit.


PLEASE NOTE: If money is a concern, I have another alternative for a monitor which would see a brand new Glidecam L7-PRO replace the Teletest for a $1600AUD approx. discount against the price.


Equipment List: 1 x Steadicam with x-y axis top stage with dovetail plate, no tools gimbal, dual battery bottom stage

1 x Teletest OZL7000 16:9/4:3 PAL/NTSC Colour monitor with bracket and hood

1 x Lemo to XLRF-4 power cable

1 x short Preston bracket

1 x J-bracket

1 x Panavision docking/spin bracket

1 x Frezzi-PAG Dual Micromaster 3A battery charger

5 x CP Steadicam 3A batteries

1 x 3A battery shell with all parts

1 x Pelican 1650 case


If you need more info or want more pics just let me know and I'll send them outside the forum.



Norbert :P





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It's me again,


I forgot to include the asking price which is $7000AUD. It is also listed on eBay, item ID #300140755999 where more pics can be seen as well.


Thanks for looking! :D




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