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Amando Crespo

Proman spot

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I´ve just to do my first spot like director (steadicam op. also).

It was a low cost and easy commercial for an enterprise of services. I do it in 7 hours working. Last shot is hand camera, other is with steadicam.






(Camera: Sony cinealta. Optic by digiprime)

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Congrats on the job Amando.


There are a couple of jump-cuts which seem a bit out of place in this type of spot. Sometimes these would be intentional, but I'm guessing they weren't...


The first cut from the wide to the tight is too early or too late, with the lady crossing into the wide shot then disappearing only to reappear a few beats later. Probably she should have been in the background from the beginning (to populate the frame) rather than cross in, which would have made the cut easier.


The cut after the talent greeting the security guard is a tad early, letting the talent completely out of the frame (with his dialogue leading the edit) would smooth out the transition.


The shot that tilts up to the gent with the screwdriver jump cuts to what appears to be an alternate take, with the talent a few steps back, thus the screwdriver man jumps in the frame. And is that the same gal with the mop in two different places (both to the left and right of screwdriver man)??


Mostly things that can be fixed--not sure about that screwdriver sequence though (cover it with graphics??!)

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