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Hi-Def signal in a PRO post

Claus Stuhlweissenburg

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Wondering if a hi-def signal will travel down a PRO post. I remember reading somewhere that it can't because the gauge of wire that carries that signal is not big enough and will only carry a video signal. Is this true or am I misinformed?


I ran a separate wire down my EFP post. for HD, it is the same wire that Tiffen is using for the HD signal on the Ultra.


Maybe it has something to do with the shield. I think Eric addressed this once, any of you guru techno weenies out there have a compitent explanation why this cable works and a regular 73 ohm BNC cable doesn't


By techno weenies, I mean that in the nicest way possible . . .LOL . . . . .hehehehe

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As I understand it, one of the issues for HDSDI is in the shielding. Even a slight gap encourages problems, and there are shielding gaps in all the Lemo connectors we use. Multiple connectors will create multiple gaps, therefore more issues and opportunities for problems.


The Lemo connectors are okay for composite and for component (RGB) HD***, but not good enough for HDSDI.


*** I should be clear that it works at least for component the way Tiffen does it: one Lemo connector at each end and the "post break" done with a special coax/"no-shield-loss" connector. Not sure what effect a couple of Lemos in the post would have.


Sleds without post connectors (like the EFP) can get by with a single, well shielded coax cable, and do better with a special BNC designed especially for HDSDI at each end of the sled.


My suggestion before anyone rips apart their rig is to make a test cable using ALL the same connectors, cable lengths, power, etc. and see how it goes first.



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It also depends on what you expect of the connection.

If you just want to hook up a HD LCD display on your sled my guess is that all the signal loss and jitter introduced in the post wouldn't matter one bit (assuming you bypass the composite video da of course)


If you also want to record a pristine signal it's a whole other ballgame.


But I have send single link HD-SDI thru lots of small gauge wire extended thru bnc tubes onto 50 feet cables for monitoring many times and it seems to work fine.


But as Jerry says, test before doing anything irreversible.....

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I don't know if this is the right place to ask but here's my question anyway.


If I do an HD upgrade to my PRO sled, will I still be able to run my usual SD setup with the PRO monitor and the and the sleds electronic bubble?


In the HD setup-

How I understand it, the HD monitor is directly powered by an attached battery brick and the signal is fed through an SDI cable coming from the batterymodule.


I would be happy to hear from anyone hwo has experience with this.


regards Daniel

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I'm wondering if anyone can tell me about the HDSDI upgrade from PRO. I recall that GPI where waiting for a new cconector form Lemo that would be SDI capable?


I'm thinking about upgrading my "PRO compatible" rig to HD and I'm hoping to come up with a custom center post loom that will carry all the power as well as two sdi channels. I'm keen to keep it all in the one loom so I can adapt a super post swell. Is there a Lemo conector that will fit into a 1.5 center post, and allow two SDI channels?

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