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Jerry Holway

Ultra 1 system with PowerCubes for sale

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For Sale: Ultra Cine system (original Ultra)


Sled, vest, arm, w/ std. cases, cables, & accessories, 3 years old, light use. Latest upgrade: Ultra2 style gimbal clamp, 12/2007.


The sled is standard, but was upgraded in mid-October to use the new IDX PowerCube batteries (a non-destructive and reversible upgrade). I will sell it with or without the upgrade, your choice.


With the upgrade you get four PowerCube batteries, one VL-4S four position charger, and the dual battery mount, plus a custom battery meter.


Or, if you want to stick to the original 28v NiCad battery system, you will get 5 batteries (4 is std.). 3 batteries are essentially brand new ? re-celled in the last year. Two batteries need re-celling. Included are two PAG 304 chargers and 5 battery cables (1 single channel charger and one cable is std).


The monitor is an HD UltraBrite - 8.4" color, 1400 nits. HD component and composite (NTSC/PAL). Monitor bracket upgraded to Ultra2 type.


The arm has a prototype arm post holder (part of which is used in the Ultra2) - and the original spring-type holder is included. Otherwise std. with two arm posts, regular and 12".


The vest is standard, with a mod to one of the vest clips ? which is the method we use on the Ultra2 vest, and a re-orientation of the spar back inside the waist band ? also the scheme used on the Ultra2 vest. Upgraded bridge plate (non-slipping) as well.


Hard cases for the vest and arm, and for the sled. Soft bags for the vest and the arm.


Hard case for the Nicad batts and chargers (if purchased), Pelican case for the IDX system.



With the 4 PowerCube batts, adaptor unit, and 1 charger: $47,500 USD.

With the 5 NiCads and two chargers, $45,000.


Contact Jerry Holway via this forum for details, pix.

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