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Pro-Vid or SK Hardmount Bracket

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I'm selling a bracket I had made back when I owned a ProVid sled. Basically, its a plate drilled for (2) U-Bolts, and has a second dovetail plate mounted to it. This dovetail plate matches the dimensions of the spar on a ProVid or SK vest. Therefore, you can easily mount the bracket using (2) U-bolts, pull your socket block off your vest, and slip it onto this bracket. All without having to drill any holes into your socket block. The bracket also has a hold drilled in the center for the spring activated safety on the ProVid or SK socket blocks.


I believe it cost me around $200.00 to have made. Right now, its just sitting around collecting dust since I no longer own a ProVid rig. Please make a reasonable offer and give this useful piece of equipment a new home. I attached a photo... if interested please send me an email and I can shoot you a couple more.


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