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Retirement (Sort of)

Stephen Murphy

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So I've finally said goodbye to my Steadicam kit.

A few days ago i sold my entire package to another operator, and from this point on I plan to concentrate solely on working as a DP. I am sure that over the next few months i will still pick up a steadicam rig for the occasional day or two to help pay the bills during my transition to full time DP but i am also sure that those days will become fewer and fewer as time goes by. I have mixed feelings about leaving my steadicam days behind but it was something that needed to happen to advance my DP career, and the timing just felt right. I bought my first Steadicam 7 years ago (an old 3A) and it has been a fantastic journey ever since; I've learned from some amazing DP's and worked on some great sets, and now Im really looking forward to collaborating with other steadicam operators on projects that i am lighting. So i just wanted to say thank you to all the forum members who have helped me over the years, many of whom may not even read this forum anymore. I will still visit the forum to keep abreast of things, and I'll always consider myself a steadicam operator at heart but for now its goodbye. Sort of:)

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I was just thinking about you the other day noticing we haven't heard much from you in awhile. Congratulations on your new career path and best of luck to you. Thanks so much for contributing here on the forum as well - it really does make a difference. If I ever get to Ireland, I'm still going to look you up!





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