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David Allen Grove

Producers/Production companies that don't pay

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It would seem that the name of the business as on the bounced check

or the name of the company you went to work for should be able to be posted

under the law as you describe it. who cares anyway who the UPM or Coordinator was

anyway. It was the company or producer who didn't pay. Often the staff or freelance person who hires you is screwed by these kind of people also!!!!


I for one would like to have access to such a (site) service and If I posted some hopless mess I was goofy enough to sign onto and got some money from that I'd be pleased to pay the site. Collection agencies up here typically are 50%


Gotta say though that working for people from all over who come through my part of the world, it certainly is rare to fail to get paid. People are just generally honest and good. Recent example: an E coast cable show that insisted that they send me 1/2 in front on my confirming the booking. Hey I was fine with net on this but they insisted.


After many years I have got some biases though: Religeous programming, music without a label, TV pilots, and Indy films, can all pay when I show up/or show me some credit info.. Isn't it sad to be screwed by artists and pastors while corporations pay every time?

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