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Stolen Equipment in NYC

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was on a music video up in NYC last week for 4 days. was staying at Off Soho hotel on 11 Rivington dr in NYC. When i got there my room was not ready so i had to store my gear in the directors/AD suite. I then had production to move my gear from that room to my room as i had to go off to check on the camera package.


well, somehow my slate didnt make it to my room. SOOO...


if anyone up in NYC comes across a TS3-EL (color clappers, backlit) in a Panavision pelican case (has Panavision on the front) its mine. i had "marctronixx productions llc" on the case and slate but they were on there with a labeler style label so im sure thats torn off.


production had a ins cert but i didnt receive one when first contacted for the production--my fault. i dropped the ball and didnt get a copy of the cert but i know they had one for the production.


so, i think im going to be fighting for this one.


rest of my gear was unharmed--batteries, clamshell, arm, vest, etc.. all intact.


again, if anyone comes across such a gadget, keep me in mind. also if anyone has any horror stories to tell about filing claims, let me know... ive never had to file a claim--but im glad this is not for anything thats rig related.


P.S. i forgot about the legal forum, Mods kindly move this if it needs to be there. apologies for the confusion.

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