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What "D" Bracket ?


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I was thinking to get a new "D" Bracket after loosing the one my friend made for me. I had two or three brand in mind and was wondering if you could recommend on one of them . The first was the Angled "D" Bracket by Tom Gleason (cinewidgets.com ), looks nice at only 150 USD. The second was the gpi "D" Bracket at 175 USD. And the last one was the "J"-Bracket ( I think it is the same "D" Bracket with different name ) by Baer-Bel but I do not know the price.


It is a minor issue - I believe they all good and do the same job but it will be nice to hear what are you using.




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The "J" Bracket is not the same as the "D" Bracket.


With a "D" Bracket you turn your gimbal handle upside down and put a bolt through it since the post of the "D" points down at the ground, and the "D" part simply fits over your normal arm post.


The "J" Bracket is the more old school approach where you replace your regular arm post with a long post downward, at the bottom attaches a "D" bracket that has a very short post on the other end, just long enough to fit inside your gimbal handle. Now your gimbal handle stays right side up, the way you normally have it, except that it is just 6-12 inches lower. Pictures may be needed.


Go with the angled "D" Bracket. The angle part is extremely helpful in Low-Hi mode, since the gimbal is inverted and can come very close to the side of the camera, potentially causing severe problems when panning. This problem was particularly bad with my old Master series gimbal. My XCS sled and Pro Lite sled do not have the same clearance problems.



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