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lens gear pitch

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so i know there are a few different pitches of lens gears, but how do you know which lenses use which pitch? 32, 48, 64? i've found info on the cooke s4's but can't seem to find the numbers for ultra primes. any help would be much appreciated.


jake pollock

taipei, taiwan

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Fear not the pitch on the ultra primes is the same old standard 32 pitch, it still has to work with the standard arri follow focus ff4 etc......

Pretty much all cine lenses work off of a 32 pitch Or very close metric equivalent....pana is a little different, slightly squarish in shape, but no big problem.....


the 48 pitch is panavision zoom gear, and the 64 is panavison iris... every other lens manufacturer keeps it simple at 32 pitch on all the rings.


48 pitch is close to metric.6 module pitch which is canaon efp zoom lens focus gear, and the .5 is Fuginon pitch which isn't close to anything else I think.....


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