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Marco Padoan

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Hi evereybody.

I'm gonna buy my first one and choosing between Clipper 312/24 and MK-V Nexus Standard. G-50-arm. I'm doing both video/tv and film.

all suggestions wellcome.

Have a good day!


Marco Padoan


Hey Marco


What are you flying at the moment?


I'd fly both and work out what feels and works best for you. My personal view having flown both is the MK-V is the better rig and has more of an upgrade path than the clipper. The clipper also appears to be engineered to keep the cost low. The MK-V is a quality, modular system and will upgrade to the AR when you're ready.


The G50 arm is nice but I get by with a comfortable 3a arm with gold springs. I've tried the Pro arm which feels better than the G50 but I still feel more at home with the 3a.


Like I said - fly both and see what works for you. Tiffen are bound to be at IBC and Howard at MK-V is at IBC this weekend - pop down and fly the MK-V and clipper side by side!

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Well, I'm flying Glidecam, efp. But when I tried the Clipper 2 I fell i n love=) So the developed c3 is very interesting for me. Also, my budget fits the C3. But is the C312 able to uppgrade to 24? And do u think the G-50 will be worn out on too much 35mm/heavier stuff-productions?


Thanks again for your answer!



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