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New low-cost onboard downconverter available soon!

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Erwin, mind if I ask where those red dovetails with the built in bars are from? Is that an XCS thing? I would love something like that if it would fit the top stage on the Archer...




Yes that is an XCS camera plate. Through very lucky circumstances and incredible timing and a steep premium, I came in possession of 4 plates in red. First time and definitely the last time you will see that specific color on an XCS plate as Greg does not do costumers color requests anymore (after some very nasty and costly incidents). The color coding of the plates has to do with the generation of the plate, so when you call him he knows by the color description how old the plate is and what features it has or doesn't.


Funny timing, I just answered another post:





Unfortunately the Archer has a different camera stage and resulted in a narrower Camera plate. The XCS plates will fit the Master Series and the Ultra, not sure about the Clipper (Basically all Film and Video rigs that are based on the original Steadicam design). If you check the pix that I posted in that other thread you will see that there is a small threats at each end of the plate, which are meant for a screw to prevent the camera plate from sliding out of an Ultra or Master top stage...

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I just used the Redbyte on a RED shoot and didn't have any of ground or interference issues. I was using a BFD not a Preston. Unfortunately the RED itself did not work quite as flawlessly. Had a number of freezes and a few lost shots that we had to reshoot.



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I just purchased my Decimator yesterday. I had a chance to try it out at Clairmont while doing a little testing on the F35 and the picture looked amazing, the F35 in fact has a built in downconverter but it was nice to give the unit a test run. I made one modification to the unit (after reading a few of the complaints and then seeing the DC plug for myself) and added a four pin lemo. It's wired into the power and Composite output and matches the pinouts on the PRO video plugs.




The unit is very easy to take apart, it's a circuit board design so the contacts to solder the new connections onto are on the bottom of the board. Very easy to identify and easy to solder onto.


For any operators in Canada that are looking to buy the DECIMATOR, call Doug Macaulay at Kingsway Motion Picture Ltd. 416-463-4345 e-mail kingsway@allstream.net

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Erwin, I believe Greg has retired and is living comfortably in Bora Bora after selling you everything he has ever made. ;)


Ah, too funny D-to the-O-to the-C! I laughed out loud for a good minute. :P


And again, Erwin, you and your red steadi stuff. This will be legend someday. :ph34r:


Charles, thanks for all of the research and updates regarding this downconverter!



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I just bought and shipped out to me didnt have a chance to test it out before i got on set and apparently I got the only one in the world that doesnt work...


I do have to say that Perry at Tecades has been very great to work with and is shipping me one first off the truck...


I get the power green light but no signal light

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