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Benjamin Treplin

Dying Trimpacs

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Benjamin before you invest in Freight to LA perhaps there is a battery maker receller in a nearby city. The cells come from Asia so they are probably just as available there.

I got the same slightly larger cells in my trimpaks from a local company. They do computer battery recelling primarily. They didn't know the trimpaks so I had to split them open for them. This took a small saw a hammer and screwdriver and about 30 minutes to open them all (4 batteries) Also the price here (Seattle WA USA) was slightly lower. The function has been excellent, they last noticeably longer than originally

and there is a guarantee on the cells! so there is a warranty.


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Hytron 50 will only last 3 years, and will only power a 435 for 2 years.

Heh. Heh heh. You made a deal with Satan. Now you can drive a 435 for two years with a Hytron 50.


Sure, I'm impressed. But my god, Sergei......at what cost, man? At what cost?




Peter Abraham

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Okay. I was a wise-ass. Nothing new there.


I'm with TJ and others, find a local guy. Drive out one day, drop the stuff off, have some breakfast at the diner, whatever. You live where I live. Use my guy. They're very very good. They do contract work and custom design for the US Gummint. their welding is clean and tight, their soldering lovely. Nice shrinkwrapping on the cel packs.


They do work all over the country and world, but heck if you live in NYC, drive out the LIE and do the gig yerself.


Plainview Battery.

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