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Seitz 8700 question


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Hey everyone !


I have an old seitz 8700 as a backup remote and I cant' find a way to

power the receiver when I'm noy plugged in a steadicam 3A. Can't find

anything in the manual. Maybe I'm missing a cable.

I have a db-9 to the amplifier splitter, know where to connect the amp to the receiver, but that's it...

Anyone has a suggestion ? Heeeeeeeeelp !





Steadicam/camera Operator

Toronto, Canada

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I just purchased an 8700A system that will eventually become my backup. Since I don't have the IIIA, I need a way to turn that DB-9 connector into something. What is that module you show in your pictures and where can it be purchased? Is it the 8720-100 "Output Connector Box"?


Also out of curiousity, what antenna are you using on the reciever?

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Tiffen is doing a bit of searching for me, but if anyone has a IIIA manual and can tell us what the pinout of that DB-9 connector is, it'd save me and everyone else a lot of headaches. I basically want to engineer a cable that does the same as Igor's box..


The connector location is circled in the picture below..

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Firstly, Zefred please use your full first and last name as your login... I'm sure if you look around, you will realize that your one of the few that doesn't do so...




Wiring Data for the 9 pin D connector:


Pin 1 - Camera Run, Brown 24 AWG

Pin 2 - Camera Run, Blue 24 AWG

Pin 3 - Gnd, Black 24 AWG

Pin 4 - 12 vdc, Red 24 AWG

Pin 5 - Channel 1 signal, Grey 24 AWG

Pin 6 - Error, Orange 24 AWG

Pin 7 - 12 vdc to amplifier, Red 24 AWG

Pin 8 - Channel 2 signal, Yellow 24 AWG

Pin 9 - Channel 3 signal, Violet 24 AWG




I hope that helps.

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No not really... Do not have any Documentation... I have the D-connector because it was used on the original PRO-1. The Seitz was a little before my time. I just felt the very back-end of the use as an assistant... and Preston since. Had a couple of BFD's when I started operating. But again Preston all the way since.




I found an original owners manual and a technical manual online (Love the web).

I should receive it mid next week... And then I can share...

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Hi Erwin


Where did you find the manual? Is it available for download on a website somewhere?


I have an old Seitz i'm trying to breath back into life as a backup but could do with some info regards leads pinouts etc. If anybody has a manual available please contact me.


Any help would be appreciated.


Is there any where on the net that has a storage base for Steadicam related manuals? The guild website etc. Would it be a viable idea to create one? I.m sure there are many old bits of kit out there that have been seperated from the manuals and an infomation resource would be very useful (so we all don't have to keep asking Erwin). Maybe the the original makers of kit would like to contribute too? I know I used seeing the old manuals page on the Tiffen site. Nothing got posted in the end, now it's gone.




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Hi Anthony,


As said found it through a friend and got a hardcopy in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Not aware of any downloadable version. I will contact and ask if he is interested in making more copies.


"Seitz Technical Products, Inc. Follow Focus Radio System 8700A", 38 pages... a lot of how to hook it up to different rigs, like the 3A and the Panaglide as well as the original PRO rig. Connectors wise it's very wage like "using a 9 pin D-connector" or "Lemo 4pin 0 series".

It was the practice of Seitz to not over share but make a little note: No Costumer servicable parts, send to factory... Great help since they don't service them anymore...



Tiffen is in the process of creating manuals in PDF form. I lent all my old Cinema Products Manuals to Tiffen for that purpose. Peter Abrahams is in charge of the scanning...


Eventually it will be available form the Tiffen site... but only the steadicam products made by CP/Tiffen... oh well.


Maybe if I ever get a decent scanner...

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